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Here is a small sampling of the over 750,000 Users and Industry Experts world wide are saying about our products:

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My Partners and Myself are so grateful for the Service we get when we just have questions and the courtesy and Caring we have always received in the 12 years of using their software. We have a primary representative that we can call and they show extreme care and treat us like people. I recommend them to everyone.

------Becky White

When visiting Antique Malls to see what software and company they would recommend everyone of them recommended thye all informed me the go to software and Comapany was the Art and Antique Information. Using it now for over 7 years we are so happy and pleased.

-------- Bill and Mary Edwards

As an Antiques and Collectible Dealer I have found their program do to everything and more and can see what they have so many satisfied customers. Also Traveling as I do outside of the United States for buying trips I was impressed at how many dealers and countries are using the software and now see why they are the number one software here and abroad.

------ Carrie Sachi


As someone that does not feel at ease with computers and being over 65 I have found the Antique Dealer Software by the Art and Antique Information Network to be easy to use. As big as they are they have always treated me as a person with respect and professionalism. When I have had a rare question and needed an answer their is always someone answering my call right away without transferring me to a bunch of people.

The software accomplishes everything I need for our business and has been the best investment I have made.

- - - - Judith Franks

Frankly Antiques

I have had the pleasure of dealing with A.A.I.N. for over twenty years and found they know the business and have provided the best quality software for the Antique Industry. As my business had grown they have been consistant it helping me with my growth. Each new version over the years has added features with our changing industry.

Their software and customer service has always been top notch. I cannot recommend them enough.

- - - - - Malcom McCoy

Heritage Antiques


My wife and I want to thank you for the great work you did in developing an inventory program for our small antique business.

We have been looking for such a program for several years. A few we found and tried were far from what we expected and did not provide what was needed to track our inventory and sales. We found your Antique Dealers Software was the only one that meets our needs.

Thank you again for your product and we would not hesitate to recommend your software to anyone in need of such a program.

- - - - - Gary and Roseann Davis

G&R Antiques and Collectibles


Your products do an excellent job of providing Dealers and Collectors a Great Product for their home and business needs. We want to compliment you on such a fine line of software products. No one who collects or deals with Antiques, Art or Collectibles should be without one of your programs.

Maintaining up-to-date, reliable record of acquisitions, sales and current market values has become every bit as important as managing a portfolio for smart investors.

I endorse and compliment the Antique and Art Information Network, Inc. on the superb job you have done.

------ Dan Farrell

Antique Television Workshop


I am the proprietor of several malls in the Northeast. I recently compared several mall software products with our computer staff. I found one program from a firm in Wyoming, one program from A.A.I.N. in New York and one program from a firm in Texas.

Of the three we found the A.A.I.N. Antique Mall Point of Sale System to be the best. We decided on this program because of its ease of use and it to be intuitive. Our staff required no time in training at any of our locations. It met our expectation and beyond. I did inquire if I did want custom work in the future I found that the fee would be very inexpensive and the completion time would be almost immediate. I find it a secure feeling to deal with a large organization like A.A.I.N. and having support if I wanted it, to be there 24/7 including Holidays. Unlike the other two which are small one or two person business.

I did have a disturbing situation with the Texas firm finding that they were not Honest with me about many things including the fact that they were using, according to my computer personal, a database that was two generations old and if they were behind now what about the future. They also lied to me about there competitors when comparing themselves to the competition.

I tried all the rest and did find that the Antique Mall FastTrack Point of Sale Software from A.A.I.N. to be the best.

- - - - Bruce Collins
New York, NY

I purchased the AAIN Program with great trepidation because I am a total computer novice.  I felt however, that the time had come to transfer my business records from index-cards and ledger paper to a more orderly system.  When the program arrived I was very upset by the logistics involved of moving my inventory, suppliers, customers, sales to a new system.  To put it mildly I was totally overwhelmed!

I am writing this letter to say from the very first phone call I made in a panic to the technical support at AAIN I received positive response.  Never, did they make me feel that I was a ‘pain in the neck’.  They walked me through every detail of the program.

I recommend the AAIN program enthusiastically.

-------  Joan Barist

Joan Barist Primitive Art


The Antique and Art Information Network, Inc. (A.A.I.N.) offers a number of management services for antiques dealers, art dealers, collectible dealers, collectors, antique malls, repair and restoration professionals, and promoters. Among the products is the “FastTrack” line of products.

We looked at the FastTrack Software systems and found it to be excellent.

Examples of all the important screens in the program may be seen on the internet.  Through this web site, a good picture of the program can be had.

The FastTrack Products are rich in features, too many to cover in my articles or in a brochure

------- John P. Reid

Maine Antique Digest


I strongly recommend The A.A.I.N. Mall Software products and services. As an owner of several malls, now in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, I require a product that is stable and service if and when I need it.

I had used another product for my malls by a company and found service not to be there when I needed it and boy I needed it with the their product in a single word dreadful.

I cannot say I needed support with A.A.I.N. products. Though when I needed them they were there with live people answering the phones no matter the day and hour even Holidays. I got a real person answering my call and I could not believe it. In fact every time I did call was not with help that I needed with regards to the A.A.I.N. software but with other software I use and they were gracious, courteous, professional and helpful.

Also other things I noticed was that there were no additional fees for networking of several computers, maintenance agreements were hundreds of dollars cheaper, the software let me add unlimited dealers at no additional costs, and was less expensive.

If you want the best product do not let a higher price fool you. The Antique Mall FastTrack System was the best investment I made. The Product is Exceptional, Great Quality, Easy to use, Service the best. If you wish you can email me if you require for any questions or information at


As publisher of the Worlds Largest database of sales data in the art, antiques and collectibles industry, Artfact Inc. is in a unique industry position.

I have reviewed the A.A.I.N. products and services.  It is increasingly evident their products and services address a large and growing market need in the Antique, Art and Collectibles Industry for both Dealers and Collectors.  These products are well-designed for both the needs and limitations of users in the trade and for general consumer use.

---------- Stephen J. Abt III – President & CEO

Artfact, Inc.


I have thousands of items for sale in my Collectibles, Crafts and Consignment Shop and I could NEVER keep track of it all without AAIN's Collectible Dealer's

Software.  I have recommended it highly to other shop owners and dealers.  There's no better way to stay organized!

Peppy Greenberg

Peppy's Dream


As a promoter for over 32 years and producing over 20 antiques/collectibles/art/crafts events, I have reviewed the A.A.I.N. Software Products and Services.  It is increasingly evident that their products and services are important to the Antiques and Art Industry Vendors and Collectors.

It is my professional opinion that for the 100s of Dealers that participate in my shows and the 1000s of attendees, A.A.I.N. Products and Services can fill their current and future needs.

Not only do I recommend the A.A.I.N. Products and Services for both the Collector and Dealers but I believe that my fellow promoters Vendors and Attendees will benefit by including the products and services of A.A.I.N.

---------- Vivian Cord – President

Cord Shows


I always considered myself computer impaired.  From the time I received the FastTrack Software I found it to be Easy and simple to use.  Their Walk through manual was easy to follow. 

More Importantly it helped me organize my business to be efficient and gave me more time to spend on buying merchandise.  It also helps me to efficiently organize and plan what merchandise to sell and bring to shows.

I recommend their software to everyone I know and they have all thank me for doing so.  I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to organize and run his or her business.

------------- Jack Sands

Treasure Chest Antique Gallery


I'm so impressed with your Antique Fast Track Business Management System. In less than a week I was comfortable with it, even though I'm barely computer literate. And your no waiting telephone tech-help seems too good to be true! - it's really the best I've experienced. Now that I understand what this system can do for me, I can't imagine running this business without it. Thank you so much.

 ----------------Carol Oropallo

 Cameron's Antiques

 Charleston, SC


I am a collector of fine Antiques. Recently our home was robbed of many of our fine antiques.  Luckily I had all of my collection on their FastTrack Software.  I was able to provide my Insurance Company with details of all my collectibles including what I bought for, Appraisal Information and Pictures.

My Insurance Company settled with me quickly because of this.  Though this did not replace my loss it will help me to slowly restore my collection immediately.

---------- Nicholette Franks


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