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The FastTrack Collectors Software is the Perfect and Flexible Collectors Software for your collections or collectibles. No matter if you’re an Antique Collector; Art Collector; Art Glass Collector; Beanie Baby Collector, Baseball Trading Card Collector; Coin Collector; Doll Collector; Gun Collector; Porcelain Collector; Jewelry Collector; Stamp Collector; Sports Memorabilia Collector; Teddy Bear Collector or You Collect anything at all -  The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory Software is perfect for all types of collections and collectibles. It is versatile to maintain all your collections and collectibles in one software.

For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows 11

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Some of the Features and New Features are:

Track an Unlimited Amount of Items with Pictures (stores up to 8 pictures for each item) * Powerful Keyword, Group Searching and Searching By Image . * Over 250 built-in reports for Purchases, Inventory and many more * Track Purchases, Expenses, Auctions, Sales, Trades *Track Items out for Exhibition or for Repairs and Restorations * Track Costs of Purchases, Repairs, Restorations, Events and more *EZ entry of items with minimal typing * Renameable Fields (over 20)* Address book * Track Auctions you are bidding on in Detail with our Auction Watch Feature * Creates Labels * Disposition planning for Estate Planning * Dial or E-mail Directly from the Software * Export to Excel and MS Word * Web Address Book you can set up for Research *Track and List Items missing, damaged or stolen * Create Catalogs * Calendar Reports (by day, month, quarter or Year) for Purchases and more * Event Planner * New Imaging Management for adding photos * Added Fields * Password Protection * New Easier layout for Navigation of the Software * New Larger Form Screens and Larger Fonts in Reports for easy use and viewing * New Easy to see enlarged images of your items * New Searching by Images * and many other features not listed

 If you want to see enlarged screen shots of the Software click here 

The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory "Prtofessional Plus" Software TM is built to be especially simple and easy for you, the Collector, to manage any and all your collections and collectibles effectively, efficiently and with detail and pictures. If you're afraid of computers, feel you are computer impaired - you will especially enjoy the ability to master the software in an average of 60 minutes. It comes complete with a Walk-Through Manual. A FREE EVALUATION COPY of the program is available at No Risk.

A Partial List of New and Improved features include New Larger Form Screens; Larger Fonts in the Reports; enlarged images; Seacrh by Image; Additional Fields; Renameable Fields (0ver 20); Improved Repair Restoration Tracking; Disposition Planning for Estate Planning; Track all Expenses; Manage Auctions you are bidding on; Ability to go directly to E-bay and Others from the software; Ability to E-mail directly from the software; Improved Inventory Searches; Toll Free Number for Live Tech Support; Track Purchases, Trades and Insurance Information; Report Range Filtering; Now with over 250 built-in reports, plus many more features.

The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory "Professioanl Plus" Software TM is designed to Track any and all your Collections and Collectibles.  

The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory "Professional Plus" SoftwareTM includes powerful search and report capabilities. Security is built-in with password protection for your different managerial levels.

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List and Track an unlimited number of items, along with information and picturesof each item.

Your Collectibles are easy to view in tabbed pages defining each individual item with a detailed summary description, Additional Details and Notes, Pictures, Acquisition Information, Repair and Restoration history, Insurance information, Trades and Sales information, Disposition Information for Estate Planning with the associated financial information.

Definable Drop Down fields to ease typing when adding items.

Add up to 8 pictures for each item.


Customize your software with over 20 renamable fields
Track Current Auctions you are bidding on and review old auctions you were bidding on with great detail with Auction Watch.

Track all your expenses with the built-in Expense Ledger.

Editable and Definable Drop Down Fields to list your expenses.

Search and Locate your inventory, with all its information-- there are over 25 different ways to sort and view your Collectibles.

When you rename a field in changes on all reports, menus and forms.

Simple Point and Click Drop Down Search Fields allow you to retrieve your information for your entire inventory, using your pre-defined criteria, without the need to type. Retrieve matching results instantly.

Reporting (over 250 ) on your Collectibles, Purchases, Inventory, Auctions, Disposition Planning, Exhibition, Insurance, Events Planning, Trades, Sales, Expenses and More.

Reports, over 250 built in, helps you manage your collectibles efficiently and effectively. Automatically generated. Generates Mailing Labels. Financial Tracking. Creates Event lists/planners and calendars.

Disposition Planner for Estate Planning

Create Labels for your Items in a variety of sizes.

Internet Web Address Book allows you to go to the sites you want directly from the software (* you need internet access to use this feature)

Schedule and Plan your events with one easy form and produce calendar of events and more.

Password Protection to protect your sensitive information
Phone Address Book where you can directly email from or Dial from with a voice modem.

 If you want to see enlarged screen shots of the Software click here  

Some of the Other Benefits of the Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory "Professional Plus" SoftwareTM include:

Easy to Use

Merchandise Labels, Events Check Lists and Calendars.

Password Protection

Phone and Address Book

Maintain Insurance information including effective date, renewal date and termination dates.

Point and Click Menus

Pictorial Walk-Through Manual quickly familiarizes you with using the software, so you master it, easily and comfortably.

FREE Technical Support for 90 days. Personal attention given to assist you on any questions and needs you might have.

Optional Maintenance Contract available for continued technical support

The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory "Professional Plus" Software TM was designed by a panel of Collectors and Computer professionals to maintain simplicity and ease.

To receive your FREE FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION COPY of The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory "Professional Plus" Software TM by contacting The Art and Antique Information Network, Inc. (A.A.I.N.) sales department by phone (1-352-259-4779), by E-mail , by clicking on "Order Free Evaluation Copy" listed below Risk Free. Include your name, address and phone number clearly and that you wish to receive a FREE FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION COPY. 

System Requirements

The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory “Professional Plus" Software Min. Requirements

• Intel I5 or I7 or AMD CPU

• Program and initial database require 90 MB Hard Disk Space (evaluation copy requires 100 MB)

• One CD drive or DVD drive

* VGA color monitor

• Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10

* Printer

• 256 MB RAM (for Windows XP)
• 1 GB RAM (for Windows Vista)

• 2 GB RAM (for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)


If you wish to become a RESELLER of The Collectors FastTrack Inventory and Cataloging "Professional Plus" Software Contact our Sales Department by phone Toll Free in the Continental U.S. (1-866-400-AAIN) Outside the Continental U.S. (1-352-259-4779) or by E-mail

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